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Studio MAG

engineers and architects

Studio MAG

engineers and architects

Consulting Construction Companies on the Costa Smeralda and Gallura

Consulenza imprese edili Olbia e Costa Smeralda

Consulting and Service Contracts to Construction Companies in Gallura

The Study May Engineers and Architects has developed over the years a significant experience in the field of public and private, in the management of the Contract and of the Yard.
The study MAY Design Engineers and Architects of Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo, Olbia, Arzachena, offers specific advice to the Construction Companies that carry out public and private works.
The main problems of a contract or the contract, are : the budgeting, the control of the productive process, the respect of the deadlines, the analysis and monitoring of production costs, accounting of the production, invoicing and payments.
In addition to the issues listed above , in the execution of a work may be born of disputes between client or contracting Entity and contractor, disputes that develop litigation.
The Litigation and the issuance of reserves on the failures of the customer or of the contracting Entity, can increase the profitability of contracts. The Reserve,an instrument referred to in and governed by the legislation in force, offers the Company to achieve additional revenues with respect to the amount of the contract.

Why a Consultancy for the Construction Company

The study May of Engineers and Architects of Costa Smeralda is a study with thirty years of experience on the various aspects of consulting to Construction Companies .

Consulting public and private tenders, preparation of reserves, assistance in litigation, project management and the management of the contracts .

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Studio Engineers and Architects

Engineer Giovanni E. Magnani

Viale Orecchioni - 07021 Porto Cervo

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