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Studio MAG

engineers and architects

Studio MAG

engineers and architects

Our Services in the Costa Smeralda and Gallura

Studio Ingegneria Arzachena e Olbia e Costa Smeralda

The Technical Services of Engineering and Architecture

The services offered span the field of Engineering, Architecture and Urban design, ranging from Architectural Design, Energy, the Acoustic Structural and Plant engineering.

The Study May of Engineers and Architects of Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo, Olbia, Arzachena, Palau , over the years he has developed significant experience in real Estate Consulting, Analysis, real Estate, Property Development, real Estate, Real Estate Development.

Project Management in Building and Civil Construction, Management of construction sites, Service and Construction Companies.



real estate consulting

Due diligence real Estate, Analysis, Control and Verification of Urban-Construction-Engineering-Land real Estate.


Real estate development

Checked the properties, we propose a Development Project, with the Calculation of the Costri of Construction for the Implementation of the Project.



Architectural, Urban, Structural, Plant Design, Safety, Topography, And Energy.


With the aim of implementing energy efficiency measures.


Surveys and Assessments of the Acoustic Climate, Plans for Noise abatement , Projects, and Tests.

Consulting and service contracts

Consulting public and private tenders, preparation of reserves, assistance in litigation, project management and the management of the contracts .

Design in Costa Smeralda and Gallura

The study May of Engineers and Architects of Costa Smeralda is a study with thirty years of experience on different aspects of real estate development .

is your ideal partner for any requests concerning the Construction, Restructuring, Requalification designed for every type of building . Our Team of professional and dynamic, composed of capable technicians and craftsmen are competent, with the aid of technical systems and equipment is responsible for the resolution of various issues of real estate of any type and destination. The goal is the quality and the respect of the agreed times with the complete satisfaction of the client, all regardless of the entity or by the cost of the intervention required. Reliability, Expertise, Affordability, and Passion for our work are what we are

The study of Engineers and Architects of Costa Smeralda and Gallura

The services for the building proposed in the Costa Smeralda, from the Study of Engineers and Architects of Arzachena, Porto Cervo, Olbia have the objective of solving any problem in the field of design , construction and management of civil construction, with reference both to the problems of new construction to those of the restructuring and recovery of existing constructions. The philosophy of the Architects and Engineers in Costa Smeralda is based on an approach to problem solving allows us to tackle and solve the real problems that often occur in the construction of hotels, villas, houses, apartments, shops, offices, gardens and swimming pools in Costa Smeralda. The Studio Mag, Engineers and Architects for the construction of the Costa Smeralda, is responsible not only for construction, renovation and requalification of Porto Cervo, Porto cervo, Abbiadori, Liscia di Vacca, Porto Rotondo , Arzachena and Olbia , Engineering, Architecture and Urban planning. The staff of the Study of Engineers and Architects of Costa Smeralda, knowing the history of architecture and construction, instruments and forms of representation, the methodological aspects and the operational characteristic of the buildings on the Emerald Coast, seeks to interpret and resolve the specific problems of architecture and construction with a careful analysis of the process of production and realization of manufactured building. The technical knowledge and the tools in the building design for the safety aspect and the reduction of energy consumption, make that the investment could fall in a short time. The Study of Engineers and Architects of Costa Smeralda is a valid support to know adequately the aspects related to the technical-economic feasibility, the calculation of the construction costs, restructuring and upgrading for the realization of your project in Costa Smeralda.

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Studio Engineers and Architects

Engineer Giovanni E. Magnani

Viale Orecchioni - 07021 Porto Cervo

+39 07891733044 - fax +391782744182


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